Dental Emergencies

(317) 773-3617

You can always reach one of our pediatric dentists on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call with an emergency during normal office hours, our receptionist will appropriately direct your call. If you call after normal office hours, our answering service will gladly take pertinent information – such as your name, your child’s name, contact number, and any other medical information – and forward that to the pediatric dentist on call.

You will then receive a returned phone call as promptly as possible.

Guidelines to Dental Emergencies

  1. Knocked out baby tooth: Contact your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. However, “knocked” out baby teeth should not be reimplanted because of the potential for subsequent damage to the developing permanent tooth.
  2. Knocked out permanent tooth: Rinse the tooth off gently in cool water (do not scrub or use soap-use water only). Replace the tooth in the socket, if possible and hold it in place with gauze or wash cloth. If re-implantation is not possible, place tooth in cold milk (preferably), saliva or water. Contact your pediatric dentist immediately.
  3. Chipped or fractured tooth: Contact your pediatric dentist soon! If you can find the broken fragment, bring it with you to the dentist.
  4. Toothache: Contact your pediatric dentist soon! Give Tylenol or Motrin as needed. A cold compress may help relieve discomfort.
  5. Loose orthodontic band or bracket: If appliance is still attached to the arch wire, leave it in place. Apply wax as necessary and contact your orthodontist soon.
  6. Orthodontic wire is poking: Clip excess wire with fingernail clippers behind last tooth which it is securely fastened.