Kid Friendly Phrases

How we talk to your child about dental procedures

Kids will live up (or down) to expectations, so we talk to our patients as if we expect them to have a good experience at the dentist-because we do!

Before your child sees one of our doctors, please use positive and age appropriate words when telling him or her about the visit. Here’s what your child will hear in our office:

  • “MR. BUMPY” an instrument that cleans out tooth decay slowly
  • “MR.WHISTLE” an instrument that cleans out tooth decay quickly
  • “SILLY STRAW” a saliva (or spit) ejector
  • “SUGAR BUGS” bacteria (germs) on teeth
  • “TOOTH CHAIR” cotton holder to help keep mouth open
  • “TOOTH PRINT” impression for an appliance
  • “TOOTH RAINCOAT” and “TOOTH RING” rubber square and ring that keep teeth dry
  • “TOOTH TOWEL” gauze square
  • “TOOTH VACUUM” straw that sweeps teeth clean
  • “TOOTH VITAMINS” fluoride treatment to keep teeth strong

Words to avoid:


After the visit, praise your child for a job well done! Give them a hug and thank them for being such a good patient!