What is now known as Pediatric Dentistry of Noblesville began as a small one-doctor practice in 1977.  Joe Forgey, D.D.S. opened his practice after his residency was completed at Riley Hospital for Children.  

Dr. Forgey practiced by himself for many years, until 2001.  In July of this year, Chad Hazelrigg, D.D.S. completed his residency at Riley Hospital and joined the practice.  These two doctors worked side by side for several years and built a brand-new facility at 106 Lakeview Drive in 2007, where the practice currently sits today.  It was at this time that the practice was named Pediatric Dentistry of Noblesville.

Then, in 2008, Charles Fuhrer, D.D.S. joined the practice after completing his residency at Riley Hospital.  Together, these three doctors quickly filled their new office with children from all over central Indiana.  In 2020, Dr. Forgey retired from the practice after 43 years of service.  

Then, in 2022, Drs. Hazelrigg and Fuhrer welcomed Liz Trillet, D.M.D. into their practice after she completed her residency at Case Western Reserve.

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