Special Needs

Special Needs Patients

As pediatric dentists, we are committed to caring for children, adolescents and patients with special healthcare needs.  We are trained to understand and treat patients with complicated medical histories.  What sets our office apart is the patience, compassion, and understanding we take with each patient.  Each patient with special healthcare has unique circumstances.  We will take the time to listen, learn, and design an individual approach for your child with special considerations.  

We believe teeth are very important.  But the patient that is attached to those teeth is even more important.  We want to make sure our office is a safe and friendly environment for your child.  We make all accommodations possible to provide an enjoyable visit to the dental office.  This means we need to think outside the box at times.  We will do our best to make a standard dental visit easy and “stress-free” for the whole family.  Once we have determined the things that make the dental office difficult, we will work around the obstacles or begin desensitizing your child to these deterrents.  We also work with schools and therapists to employ similar techniques to establish familiarity for your child for their dental procedures. 

We have many options for those patients who have difficulty receiving dental treatment in our office under traditional circumstances.  Even if your child can receive dental cleanings and exams in our office, it may be necessary to receive restorative treatment under more advanced means such as general anesthesia.  We have the availability of hospital treatment among other options to accommodate your child’s needs.  Our pediatric dentists will recommend the best treatment options for your child.

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